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This was the official website for iCannabis Radio. Unfortunately the site's domain registration was not renewed and this site disappeared from the internet. The new owner has chosen to recreate the site from its archived pages and added a few YouTube videos of past  iCannabis Radio podcasts. More more podcasts go to: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF5390141506EB3BD where there are 61 Kristen Custer podcasts. Now for a nostalgic trip back to the early days of iCannabis Radio. 

When I discovered online a bunch of images from various iCannabis Radio, I scanned through to see if there were any picturs of me. I would be easy to recognize since I always wore a Batman shirt of some kind or other. It got to the point, since I wore a Batman sweatshirt almost everyday, that I earned the nickname Bat. After awhile no one called me by my given name of Jake. But lots of people did want to know where I bought my Batman sweatshirts & Tees so I turned them all on to MoonAtMidnight, a great e-commerce site if you are looking for Batman clothing.

Your listeners will miss you.


iCannabis Radio is for and about personal freedomss. The freedom to make choices and speak honestly about those choices.  We want to educate and entertain.  Our mission is to get the truth to our listeners.  We want to see cannabis legalized and people free to live their lives in a way that makes sense to them.

About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

2014 Location:
2130 S. Bellaire Street, Suite A
Denver, CO 80222


iCannabis Radio with Amy DiIullo and Georgia and Warren Edson.
March 12, 2012




6p mtn - Georgia, Alan Sheinwald, & Rev Jeremy

Colorado cannabis activists Georgia Edson and Rev. Jeremy Charles discuss the latest Cannabis news, interviews, and opinions from around the globe. They are joined by Bill Barnes who is providing financial expertise and will answer questions regarding funding of new businesses.


6p - 8 SexPot Radio

Jenny Kush with the Rev. plus special guests talk about sex, Cannabis and much more.


  11-1 The Adam Dunn Show


4p - 5 The Hemp Connoisseur Radio


BACK SOON - iDab Radio

Join us once a month for 2 hours of education and dab talk.  What is dab talk?  It's concentrated radio for the high level thinker.


The Cure 7/9/2012
Kristen Custer



More Background On iCannabis Radio

iCannabis Radio, now part of the broader Cannabis Radio Podcast Network, represents a significant component in the digital media landscape dedicated to cannabis and psychedelic communities. Established in 2014, Cannabis Radio has positioned itself as the premier podcast network focusing on topics ranging from cannabis culture, legislation, entrepreneurship, and beyond, expanding its content to include mental health, wellness, and longevity through the lens of cannabis and psychedelic use​.

One of the standout features of Cannabis Radio is its extensive back catalog of podcasts, which includes thousands of hours of content. This treasure trove of information covers a vast array of subjects within the cannabis industry, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to dive deep into the nuances of cannabis-related topics. Shows like "Blunt Business" have gained popularity for their insightful discussions on navigating the challenges and opportunities within the booming cannabis market, offering valuable advice and information to listeners​.

The network also extends its reach through platforms like YouTube, where it continues to share content related to advocacy, legislation, and the broader cannabis culture, furthering its mission to educate and entertain a global audience interested in these subjects​.

Moreover, Cannabis Radio explores topics beyond cannabis, delving into the world of psychedelics with podcasts that discuss legalization efforts, investment opportunities, and the therapeutic potential of substances like MDMA and psilocybin for treating conditions such as PTSD and depression. This broader focus reflects a growing interest in psychedelic medicine and its potential impact on mental health treatment paradigms, highlighting the network's commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and discussions in this space​.

The network's ability to cater to a diverse audience, ranging from cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals to individuals interested in psychedelic research and therapy, underscores its role as a critical informational and educational resource. With high listener ratings and a reputation for quality content, Cannabis Radio stands out as a leading voice in the conversation around cannabis and psychedelics, offering insights and perspectives that span the scientific, legal, and cultural aspects of these substances.



Cannabis Radio has become a significant platform in the realm of cannabis and psychedelic communities, offering a wide variety of content that caters to many different interests within these areas. From cultivation and business insights to health and wellness, cooking with cannabis, conversational and lifestyle topics, as well as science and research, there's a podcast for virtually every cannabis niche. This diversity in content makes Cannabis Radio a valuable resource for anyone interested in cannabis, whether they're industry professionals or casual enthusiasts. The podcasts are easily accessible across multiple streaming platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more, making it convenient for listeners to engage with the content​​.

The network, founded by Brandy Shapiro and Daron Babin, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in media, aims to provide a platform for voices in the cannabis community that might otherwise go unheard. Based in Phoenix with production facilities in Florida, Cannabis Radio generates revenue through advertising, sponsorships, and other services, offering a robust support system for its hosts to ensure content quality and listener engagement. The founders' commitment to the cannabis cause is personal and deeply rooted in experiences within their own lives, driving their mission to enhance public knowledge and acceptance of cannabis​​.

Listeners have responded positively to Cannabis Radio's offerings, with customer reviews highlighting the informative and insightful nature of its programming. Podcasts like "Plant Prophets" receive praise for their engaging content and the breadth of knowledge shared by guests and hosts alike, showcasing the network's ability to attract industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations within the cannabis space. With ratings consistently high, it's clear that Cannabis Radio has established itself as a key player in cannabis-related media, appreciated for both its educational value and entertainment quality​​.

This popularity and positive reception underscore Cannabis Radio's significant impact on its audience, providing valuable information and fostering a deeper understanding of cannabis and psychedelics across a global listenership. Its continued evolution, including plans for expansion into video content, indicates a bright future for the network in engaging with and educating the cannabis community on an even larger scale.


Known For

Cannabis Radio is renowned for its extensive and diverse coverage of cannabis-related topics through a vast array of podcasts catering to different facets of the cannabis and psychedelics communities. The network's strength lies in its comprehensive approach to subjects such as cultivation, business and industry insights, health and wellness, culinary arts with cannabis, conversational and lifestyle content, as well as scientific research and legal perspectives regarding cannabis. By offering programming that ranges from in-depth discussions on the medicinal benefits of cannabis to advice on growing and cooking with cannabis, Cannabis Radio has established itself as a key resource for information and entertainment related to cannabis culture and industry.

A cornerstone of Cannabis Radio's appeal is its ability to bring together voices from various sectors of the cannabis world, from industry experts and activists to enthusiasts and casual listeners. The network is known for featuring a wide range of hosts, including notable figures in the cannabis community who share their insights, experiences, and predictions for the future of cannabis. This has not only made Cannabis Radio a platform for education and advocacy but also a space where the cannabis community can come together to share stories, knowledge, and support for cannabis legalization and use.

Cannabis Radio's founders, Brandy Shapiro and Daron Babin, both of whom have a background in media, have effectively leveraged their expertise to create a network that resonates with listeners. They have curated content that is both informative and engaging, earning the network a dedicated following and high listener ratings. Their commitment to quality content is further evidenced by the positive listener reviews, highlighting the network's role in providing valuable insights into the cannabis industry and culture.

Furthermore, Cannabis Radio's success and popularity can be attributed to its accessibility across multiple platforms, making it easy for listeners to engage with their content from anywhere. The network's efforts to expand into video content demonstrate its ambition to continue growing and reaching new audiences, further solidifying its status as a leading source of cannabis-related information and entertainment.

In summary, Cannabis Radio is known for its comprehensive coverage of cannabis-related topics, its role as a platform for community and advocacy, and its commitment to accessible, high-quality content. Through its diverse programming and dedicated team, Cannabis Radio has become a cornerstone of the cannabis media landscape, providing a voice for the cannabis community and a resource for anyone interested in cannabis culture and industry.



Cannabis Radio is based in Phoenix, Arizona, with production facilities also located in Florida. This geographical spread allows the network to reach and engage with a wide audience across the United States, reflecting the diverse and national scope of its listener base and content. The location in Phoenix serves as the hub for its operations, while having production capabilities in Florida enhances its ability to produce a wide range of content tailored to the interests of the cannabis and psychedelics communities across different regions​​.

The strategic choice of locations supports Cannabis Radio's mission to provide comprehensive coverage of cannabis-related topics, reflecting the network's commitment to accessibility and community engagement. Through its base in Phoenix and additional production capabilities in Florida, Cannabis Radio is well-positioned to continue its growth and influence within the cannabis media landscape.



Cannabis Radio, a leading podcast network dedicated to cannabis and psychedelics communities, was founded by Brandy Shapiro and Daron Babin. Both founders brought significant media experience to the venture, leveraging their backgrounds to create a platform that would serve as a comprehensive source of information, education, and entertainment for the cannabis community. Shapiro's experience at Clear Channel and Babin's tenure at the NBC affiliate in Houston provided a solid foundation for their foray into cannabis media.

Before launching Cannabis Radio, the duo established WebmasterRadio.FM in 2004, a platform that initially focused on the webmaster and digital marketing community. This venture set the stage for their later focus on cannabis, demonstrating their ability to create and grow niche media platforms. In 2015, they pivoted towards the burgeoning cannabis industry, founding CannabisRadio.com. The network quickly became a significant player in the cannabis media space, offering a wide range of content covering various aspects of cannabis culture, industry, science, and legislation.

Cannabis Radio's programming aims to cater to a diverse audience, including industry professionals, activists, enthusiasts, and casual listeners. By providing a platform for voices from across the cannabis spectrum, the network fosters a sense of community and advocacy for cannabis legalization and use. The network's content strategy focuses on engaging and informative programming, hosting shows by cannabis luminaries like Vivian McPeak, Russ Belville, Mitch Earleywine, and Kyle Kushman, among others.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, with production facilities in Florida, Cannabis Radio has established a broad operational footprint that allows it to produce and distribute content nationwide. The network's revenue model includes advertising, sponsorships, production fees, and white-label SEO services, reflecting a sustainable business approach in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

Brandy Shapiro's personal connection to the cannabis cause, influenced by her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease, underscores the network's commitment to advocating for cannabis as a means to enhance the quality of life. Looking towards the future, Cannabis Radio has expressed interest in expanding into video content, indicating a vision for growth and an ongoing commitment to serving as a leading source of cannabis-related media.



Cannabis Radio's audience encompasses a broad and diverse group of listeners interested in various aspects of the cannabis and psychedelics communities. This includes:

  1. Industry Professionals: Those working within the cannabis industry, including growers, entrepreneurs, investors, and retailers, rely on Cannabis Radio for insights into market trends, business strategies, and regulatory updates.

  2. Medical Patients and Wellness Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in the medicinal and wellness aspects of cannabis and psychedelics use the platform to learn about health benefits, patient stories, and the latest research findings.

  3. Activists and Legal Experts: With cannabis legalization being a hot topic globally, activists, legal experts, and policy makers listen to Cannabis Radio for discussions on legal challenges, policy changes, and advocacy strategies.

  4. General Enthusiasts: Casual listeners who are curious about cannabis culture, cooking with cannabis, and lifestyle topics tune in for entertaining and informative content that covers the lighter side of cannabis and psychedelics.

  5. Educators and Researchers: The network also attracts academics and researchers interested in the scientific and sociological aspects of cannabis, seeking in-depth analysis and discussions on new studies and findings.

Cannabis Radio's extensive catalog of podcasts caters to these varied interests, offering content ranging from business and cultivation to health, science, and lifestyle. This wide-reaching approach helps the platform maintain a diverse listener base, united by a common interest in cannabis and psychedelics. The network's commitment to producing high-quality, informative, and engaging content ensures it remains a key resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of these communities.


Cultural And Social Significance

Cannabis Radio plays a pivotal role in the cultural and social landscape surrounding cannabis, reflecting and contributing to the evolving perceptions and discussions of cannabis and psychedelics in society. Its significance can be understood through several key dimensions:

  1. Education and Demystification: By providing a wide array of content on cannabis-related topics, from scientific research and health benefits to legal issues and cultivation tips, Cannabis Radio helps demystify cannabis and psychedelics. It educates the public, breaking down stereotypes and misinformation that have historically surrounded these substances. This educational aspect fosters a more informed and nuanced understanding of cannabis and psychedelics, contributing to cultural shifts in perception.

  2. Advocacy and Legal Reform: Cannabis Radio serves as a platform for advocacy, giving voice to activists and legal experts fighting for cannabis legalization and drug policy reform. By highlighting the challenges and successes in this area, the network plays a part in the broader social movement towards legal reform and social justice in the context of cannabis use and possession.

  3. Community Building: The network brings together a diverse audience of cannabis enthusiasts, medical patients, industry professionals, and curious listeners, fostering a sense of community among those with shared interests. In doing so, Cannabis Radio helps to normalize cannabis use and culture, encouraging open discussion and exchange of ideas within a supportive environment.

  4. Cultural Reflection: The content on Cannabis Radio reflects the evolving cultural significance of cannabis and psychedelics, from their use in wellness and lifestyle contexts to their role in creative and artistic endeavors. This not only mirrors changing societal attitudes but also influences them, presenting cannabis and psychedelics as integral to various aspects of modern life.

  5. Economic Impact: By focusing on the business and industry side of cannabis, Cannabis Radio underscores the economic significance of cannabis legalization, including job creation, investment opportunities, and market dynamics. This highlights the role of cannabis in the broader economic landscape and its potential as a driver of growth and innovation.

Through these roles, Cannabis Radio contributes to the ongoing dialogue about cannabis and psychedelics, influencing cultural and social attitudes while providing a valuable resource for information, education, and community engagement. Its programming reflects the multifaceted nature of cannabis in society today, ranging from its medical and therapeutic uses to its legal, social, and economic implications.